About Me

I am a Ph.D. student at Simon Fraser University (SFU) advised by Prof. Yasutaka Furukawa since May of 2020. Prior to SFU, I completed my M.Sc. at Seoul National University (SNU) under the supervision of Prof. Cho Nam Ik (2019). Before this, I got my BS in Electrical and Compture engineering from SNU.
My research interests include computer vision, geometric deep learning, and graph theory.

Selected Publications

face gesture
GF-CapsNet: Using Gabor Jet and Capsule Networks for Facial Age, Gender, and Expression Recognition
Sepidehsadat Hosseini, and Cho Nam Ik
International Conference on Automatic Face Gesture Recognition 2019
sepid hosseini
Deep Multi-Dataset Multi-Domain Multi-Task Frame Works for Facial Expression Recognition, Age and Gender Estimation
Sepidehsadat Hosseini, and Cho Nam Ik
Master Thesis Summary, 2019
face tracking
Multiple face tracking method in the wild using color histogram features
Hyuk Jin Kwon, Seok Hee Lee, Sepidehsadat Hosseini, Jaewon Moon, Hyung Il Koo, Nam Ik Cho
IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology, 2017

Work Experience

Borealis AI

Summer 2023
Machine Learning Research intern

LG Electronics, CTO, Intelligent Systems Research Center

Summer 2017
Research intern

Samsung Tech-win, Software Development Center

Summer 2015
Software enginer intern

Teaching Experience

CMPT 412 Computational Vision

Spring 2023
Teaching Assistant

CMPT 477 Intro to Formal Verification

Fall 2022
Teaching Assistant

CMPT 225 Data Structures and Programming

Summer 2022
Teaching Assistant

CMPT 125 Introduction to Computing Science and Programming II

Spring 2022, Fall 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2020, and Summer 2020
Teaching Assistant

CMPT 419 Machine learning

Spring 2021
Teaching Assistant